Thanks for your interest in selling The "Original" MIC Holster®. Mic Holster products are very good sellers and will be very profitable for your business. MIC HOLSTER SYSTEMS monitors closely who sells our products and where. Please send us the requested information below and someone will contact you in a few days regarding your dealer setup.

Due to the large amount of dealer accounts and new dealers, THEMICHOLSTER.COM no longer offers direct purchase for dealers without first being setup as dealer in our system.


The MIC Holster dealer agreement is considered to be accepted and in force once you buy your first order.

As a dealer, buying at dealer price you agree to the following:

  1. You will not sell the MIC Holster in any on-line fashion for a price that is less than the suggested retail price which is$18.95, $19.95 or $24.95 (depending on model). If there is a price increase MIC Industries will contact all dealers at which time, dealers will update their price to conform with the new suggested retail price of the product or the product line. Any dealers that do discount pricing will not be permitted to purchase our products at dealer price in the future.
  2. Should you choose to sell our products in a retail establishment or an on-line venue, you as a dealer agree not to change, remove or alter the package of the MIC Holster, or remove the company information.
  3. You, as a dealer will not alter the product, attempt to make or re-make the product in any fashion.
  4. MIC Industries does not permit dealers to sell our products on eBay.
  5. Dealers for The MIC Holster will provide MIC Industries with the URL (s) where our products will be sold through.
  6. All dealers that sell MIC Industries Products on Amazon.com must get prior permission before listing products for sale on Amazon.
  7. The minimum retail price for any MIC is $18.95 if the customer pays shipping. In the case where there is free shipping advertised the price can not drop below $23.95 for standard web sales. With Amazon Prime the shipping situation is not always clear. Therefore we are setting the minimum sales price for Amazon sales at $22.95 for prime customers. And $22.95 plus shipping for non-prime customers.
  8. The minimum dealer order is $1,000.00 US, this apply's to all dealers current and new.
  9. All dealer orders will be placed by email. Once your order is received you will be invoiced. All dealer orders are made to order and must be pre-paid.
  10. MIC Industries will not be accepting any new dealers until April 2015 for web based sales. This does not apply to Brick and Mortar sellers.
    MIC Industries will not accept any new dealers that sell on Amazon.com until further notice.

Want to be a dealer?

To become a dealer for THE MIC HOLSTER® follow the link below to submit the new dealer request form. Once we receive your information we will contact you within one week.

If you would like to discuss the dealer plan, you may give us a call at (270) 459-2626 between the hours of 9am and 4pm CST.

Or you can send an email to sales@themicholster.com When emailing please include the following information.


Company name:

Where you plan on selling our products (i.e. Amazon, your website, Brick and mortar store):

Your Company Website:

Your Business Address:

Your Business phone number:

Which models you are interested is selling:

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