MIC HOLSTER SYSTEMS FAQ page. Here are the answers to some of those questions most people seem to have regarding MIC holsters, warranties, usage and so forth. Also, be SURE to watch the video on the right of this page for usage instructions.


Do you make holsters for other model guns?

We make holsters for Glock, Springfield and Keltec, Ruger, severeal models for S&W, several models of Taurus. Nothing else at this time. Check the store page for model updates. I typically don't answer emails that say "do you make one for my gun? This information in on the store page, the firearms we do support are all listed on the store page which can be found here. We do NOT support any SIG products, and FN products or any 1911 frames.

Does the MIC Holster fit other models of firearms?

No, the MIC is a custom handmade product that only fits what it is made for, model specific choices when making purchase.

Does MIC HOLSTER SYSTEMS make a holster for my gun (or any gun) with a lasermax, or other aftermarket laser add on?

MIC HOLSTER SYSTEMS does not support any firearm system that has an after market laser. Why you ask? We do not train, or believe in putting our lives on the line with a product that might have a dead battery when we need it. We hope you don't either.

Can I be a dealer for the MIC Holster?

Yes you can. Go to the dealer page for pricing. There is a quantity minimum in order to be a dealer. You must have a retail store, or a up and running website in order to be a dealer.

Is my MIC Holster covered under warranty if I leave it in the car, after the great guys at MIC HOLSTER SYSTEMS have told me not to do that?

Ah, well….No it is not..

I have a GEN 2 gun and my Holster has a looser fit, is this right?

Yes it is. Gen 2 glocks are slightly smaller in width, causing a looser fit. All still works well, holster just has a bit more play.

Can I use something like a SAF-T-BLOK with my MIC Holster?

No, this is strictly forbidden. Any use of ANY trigger device immediately voids your warranty and could be a danger. Do NOT use any type of trigger blocking device while you are using a MIC.

My String broke can I get another one?

Ah...NO. Cords are consumables, they wear out. Cords are not covered by warranty.

What are the different models of the MIC, and what are the features of each.

The Original MIC Holster for the Glock is set up as a all day everyday holster. It features a 60/40 system. 60% retention 40% speed. This model covers the trigger and part of the frame of the Glock. This is an excellent holster for the concealed carry citizen. The Glock can be cycled while in the holster. The hostler can be put on the Glock in condition one, or condition two.

The Razors Edge MIC. The RE model has all the same features and the Original with a few differences. The Speed/ Retention setting on this model is 50/50. That's 50% for speed and 50% for retention. This is the model our Police agencies use the most, and should be considered more of an expert model.

MICs for other firearms. Each model of firearm is different. All holster for the S&W J-Frame, Bodyguard and Shield, Springfield XD(M), Kel-Tecs, and Rugers are all made on the 60/40 principle. The only holster made by MIC HOLSTER SYSTEMS to fit any weapon with a laser is the S&W Bodyguard. We do not support lasers and only do on the bodyguard because it comes included as a standard feature.







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