I am sending you this note to tell you the Razors Edge holster works very well on both my G 30SF & G 27. I have modified the trigger guard on both of these pistols. I round off the trigger guard in the front and relieve the back of the trigger guard to allow a higher grip. This doesn't really seem to negatively affect your holsters retention properties at all.

I don't personally prefer appendix carry bit find the holster to work very well when carried at 3 o'clock (right on the side seam of my Wranglers). This is the best minimalist carry holster I have ever seen or heard of. In fact it is safer than other Kydex inside the waistband holsters that cover the trigger guard. Why do I say that? Simple. These other holsters allow you to access the trigger as you draw with the gun still pointed at yourself. With the MIC the gun is outside of my pants and moving toward the target before the MIC snaps free. That's a good thing. When things go bad wrong we don't think, we react. This is when people make misstakes. With a covered trigger guard, it is hard to make those misstakes.

Best of luck with a truly great product.

Dave Nowlin



First of all let me thank you for such a great product (the MIC Holster). I would like to share a little story. I bought two MIC Holsters as Christmas gifts for a friend and my brother. They arrived a couple of days ago and I’m very happy with the service I have received from your company. My brother is a Deputy Sheriff for Hillsborough County Florida, he is required to carry a firearm while off-duty. His usual weapon of choice is the Kel-Tec P-3TA, it’s easily concealed but not big on capacity or fire power. I picked him up last night to go to dinner, his usual carry weapon was not available and he was planning to carry his Glock 27. Even though it’s the smallest frame Glock (baby Glock) it is bigger and bulkier than what he is used to. I happened to have the MIC holster with me and decided that even though it was supposed to be a Christmas gift I would give it to him early. He was absolutely floored by how much smaller his baby Glock had just become. This MIC holster works exactly as advertised. He found that it was very comfortable to wear his pistol tucked into his waist band, and felt very secure in the fact that it was still attached to his person (and that he would not be able to inadvertently shoot his dick). He says that he can’t wait to show it to his fellow deputes and is sure that once they see it you will be receiving more orders. Thanks for a great product

-Tim McCoy St. Petersburg, FL


Hi Mitch,

Just received the MIC holster. I gotta say, right outta the box, I am impressed! I was not expecting such quality workmanship for only $20. All the edges have been smoothed down, to prevent snag. Smooth and rounded edges are definitely a must in the concealment game. I have been wearing it for about 16 hrs straight so far. I am very happy with this product. I carry appendix, at about 1:00 o’clock. It is very comfortable, and easy to access. With a good belt, the MIC holster seems to keep the weapon very secure. I will be field testing this system soon. So far, the MIC holster is receiving a thumbs up from me, and I expect to be suggesting this holster to my friends and associates.

Respectfully,SSgt Jeremy May
USAF Flight Medic
NRA Certified Instructor



A minister gave no thought to carrying a gun forty (40) years ago for defense purposes. But as we moved into the 21st Century, circumstances have turned our world up-side-down. We face unrest from those who would want to ‘liberalize’ the Gospel to fit into their ‘liberal’ and ‘socialistic’ life style, which was not exhibited in their homes as they were brought up by their parents. For those who want change and threaten the old ways, I find myself carrying a Glock 30, a 45 cal compact gun. Being retired, I find myself in many parts of the city on visitation, some times in that part that no one travels at night, and there are other parts of the city in which one is very comfortable. I have found myself explaining the bulge under my coat and thus I have tried many holsters: such as ankle, shoulder and side arm which seem to be uncomfortable for me. Glock Tech. com, has come up with the holster that satisfies all my needs. No bulk, the holster conceals my gun and I find the wearing of the “MIC Holster” (Minimal Inside Cary) comfortable. What more can one ask of a holster. Thank you Mitch.

Rev Dennis Swanson, Retired



I recieved my MIC holster today and I must say this is the greatest thing since the invention of beer. The BEST IWB carry holster on the market bar none. Thanks for all you effort and great customer service. You guys are top notch in my book so look forward to more purchases from me and my friends.

Thanks Micah Reynolds



Received the holster… To say I am very impressed with your product is an understatement. Thank you! I will certainly be recommending…




Color me a very satisfied customer.

I'd previously order two Mic Holsters for my own Glock G19 and my wife's G26. We loved the holsters from the moment they arrived.

On Tuesday night I bought a Ruger LCR and immediately ordered a holster from you the next morning ... here it is Friday morning and it's already arrived, ... and is now securely protecting my trigger.

Please keep up the good work ... no matter what handgun I ever buy, my first accessory purchase will always be a Mic Holster!

Tamarac, FL

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